Park ‚Biblioteca degli Alberi‘ (Library of trees) Milan

Location: Milan
Realized: 2008 – currently under construction
Area: 90.000 sqm
Design: Petra Blaisse – Inside-Outside
Local landscape architect: Studio Giorgetta
Client: Municipality of Milan
Public park

The studio of landscape design and interior architecture ‘Inside-Outside’ describes that the main idea of the competition design in 2003 was to add a new type of park to the urban landscape of Milan: the Biblioteca degli Alberi (Library of Trees), a new form of public park that exhibits a collection of different trees; a park that represents a modern version of the Botanic Garden; a park that through its connective web of paths and its varied cultural program becomes a Cultural Campus; a place where people can meet, enjoy and educate themselves; a place for leisure, sports, beauty and learning; a place that connects all areas and inhabitants that surround it and that is itself connected to all sides and on all levels.


Foto of ‚Biblioteca degli Alberi‘ © Inside-Outside