Science and Technology Park ‚KM Rosso‘ Bergamo

Location: Bergamo

Realized: 2008

Design: Jean Nouvel, implementation planning and artistic support: LANDsrl, architectonical support: Blast Architetti

Client: Brembo s.p.a./ River s.p.a.

Categories: Science and Technology Park

Jean Nouvel’s Studio designed a comprehensive project for Kilometrorosso (red km), conceived as a landmark alongside the Milan-Venice highway. A red wall along the highway gives identity to the project. The wall also protects the buildings surrounded by the park’s vegetation. The park of KM rosso is a continuous green system, completely pedestrian, that draws the initial inspiration from the KM rosso itself. The strong connection between the red wall, the language of car racing, speed and the high technological vocation of the whole architectural complex all contributed to the vision of this project.

Foto of KM Rosso © LANDsrl